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Each podcast explores tools and experiences that can help us improve our lives and deepen the mind, body, spirit connection. Check out the Epic Podcast in the iTunes Music Store.

Deeper Lessons

Sometimes when we believe we need to change our behavior, the best change is found by going a bit deeper. It all starts with self-acceptance and then ...
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The Emerald Box Turtle

Lisa talks with Annette about the Tarot including what it is, and how it can be used as a divination tools. Annette is a professional Tarot reader. He...
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Angelic Horizons

Lisa talks with Kim about divination tools, crystals, pendulums and her jewelry available on Etsy. Kim's FaceBook, Instagram and Etsy shop are all nam...
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Lisa talks about astrology and her new class on Udemy.
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Be Strawesome

Lisa talks with Daedra Surowiec, artist and founder of Strawesome, a company that makes glass straws. They discuss how she got into working with glass...
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Spiritual Healing

Lisa talks with Hadley Messner, a spiritual healer, about her work and spiritual hygiene techniques. They also discuss Lisa's healing session with Had...
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Mindspring 2.0

Lisa talks about Mindspring 2.0, what's new in it and a meditation lesson learned while making it. A guided meditation track from the app is also incl...
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Meditation Trek

Lisa talks with Russ Dobda about his work with guided meditations and how binaural beats can be used to enhance meditation. Russ explains how they wor...
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