Erratic Control

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Erratic Control is a long-form interview podcast from Ed Townend with musicians and members of the music industry

Glass Jackets

In this episode I interview Ilana & Elliot of Glass Jackets, half of the band and the primary songwriters. The two met at university in Cardiff and fo...
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In this episode I interview Kay & Stacey of GRLTLK, a multi-award winning DJ duo from Cardiff with gigs up and down the country, as well as keen footh...
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James Minas

In this episode I interview James Minas, a producer and musician originally from Greece and now based in South Wales. As well as creating his own musi...
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Luke Priestley

In this episode I interview Luke Priestley (aka Stereo Brain) of Beers Over Tears, Pwer Festival and much more. Luke also DJs every week in Cardiff's ...
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DJ Jaffa

In this episode I interview Jason "DJ Jaffa" Farrell, a DJ from Cardiff who has worked since 1985 but is intrinsically tied to the local scene. NOTE: ...
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Kizzy Crawford

In this episode I interview Kizzy Crawford, a musician who has been working for years at honing her music that mixes folk, jazz, r'n'b, funk, soul and...
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Louise Schofield

In this episode I interview Louise Schofield. Louise is a blogger, DJ and interviewer under the moniker of Unique Lullaby and works around the country...
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Aniya Savage

In this episode I interview Aniya Savage, a nomadic singer and performer based in London but with ties to Cardiff, Paris and various places around the...
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In this episode I interview HVNTER, also known as Jamie Willetts, a solo electronica act with a clear vision and some remarkable music. His debut EP "...
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Justin Evans

In this episode I interview Justin Evans, a sometimes promoter, sometimes writer, sometimes Radio DJ in the Cardiff scene. Justin is best known for hi...
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