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Hi ,I'm.Hope Im pretty interesting,I'd like to say .. From Tips to Rants, From Emotions to Intellect, it gets pretty crazy, Be Apart Of Something Fun. Support this podcast:

The cycle starts with you.

I truly do think hurt people hurt people but just like any other cycle it all has a beginning and all has an end. it can either start with you or end ...
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Rants !

I could be spittin facts , I could be go off.. you never know :) --- Support this podcast:
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No one ever remembers high school it's college that counts High School just teaches you how to pass a test and how to be socially antisocial focus on ...
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Happy birthday Espe

I am 18 ! I'm super excited! Listen closely! A lot of messages, pay close attention --- Support this podcast:
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Surving High School

These are just some tips that I've learned that got me and some friends through High School. I attended Cypress Springs High School for my 4 years , s...
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Q&A Part 1

Remember To Share Your Comments Or Topics With Me On Instagram! I Love To Hear From You Guys ! #EspeOut ??. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.f...
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Welcome To Espe Speaks

My first segment.! Sc: hopeeross Insta . shes.espe --- Support this podcast:
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