Europe's New Political Economy


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The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence seeks to advance a critical debate on the new political economy of Europe. We are based at Dublin's European Institute (DEI) at University College Dublin. The DEI is the oldest and largest university centre for research on European politics in the Republic of Ireland. In this podcast we interview scholars, journalists, policymakers, and activists. Our focus is on the Centre's three key research themes: economic governance, democratic legitimacy, and protest and politics across in Europe and further afield. The podcast is recorded and produced by Aidan Regan, Andrew Fogarty, and Jorge Tamames.

EP12: Eric Lonergan - Angrynomics

We are back from a Covid-induced pause! Aidan Regan talks with economist, writer, and hedge fund manager Eric Lonergan about his new book, Angrynomics...
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