Everyday Conversations on Race for Everyday People


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If you've ever wanted to have a conversation about race but were afraid of saying the wrong thing, or not being heard or trivialized, this podcast is for you. Everyday Conversations on Race is a cross-race conversation on race. It brings people together across differences for open comfortable conversations about race in a casual setting. This is crucial for organizations and businesses that want to build cultures of inclusion that support diversity, equity and innovation. It's essential in our global society that we learn how to build relationships and work effectively with people from any group, across any difference. We have guests from different backgrounds, race, age, gender, sexual orientation, etc., senior executives, ex-felons, musicians, educators and just every day people. The show is insightful, enlightening and entertaining. Our mission is to disrupt the way race is talked about, break racial silos and have a global impact on how people interact with each other. Let's break through fear of difference, and build connections together.