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A podcast series produced by students and staff at Mountain Valley High School in rural Maine USA.

Life in Haiti

MVHS Falcon Perch Reporter Alyssa Vaughn interviews Jeremie DeTellis, a new student coming from Haiti.
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"The Brain Drain"

MVHS Falcon Perch Reporter Jeremie DeTellis examines what causes students to leave Maine.
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Volume 2, Episode 2

Falco and Troy both have segments dicussing views of our schools grading policies and Kasey and Chelsea interview our Assistant Principal Chris Decker...
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Volume 2, Episode 1

"Top 5 to Watch in the Big East" segment from Murph the Smurf, an Interview with the school food coordinator about our lunch program with Foxy Knoxy, ...
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Shapes Volume 1, Episode 2

a music review provided by Aaron; a movie commercial parody created by Seiha, Kyle and Hunter; and then finish this episode with series of interviews ...
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