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Every Wed posted by 9pm. Fantasy Sports and other nonsense

episode 9

how great is cody parked ? south Korea's myth about window fan death. Rookies to watch next year fantasy season ending depression.
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episode 8

we discuss the cleveland brownies with our first guest ever, james hall! we also talk about the best looking starting QB's. Chris Rock's attempt at be...
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episode 7

we discuss mark whalberg movies, get you ready for the playoffs, kenny stills ballin. dumb rules.
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Episode 6

10 year anniversary of the malice @ the palace special. nba sleepers. nfl injury replacements. and no bill cosby nonsense we did that 3 weeks ago. its...
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episode 5

we discuss pop vinyl toys from the website . My love for beaner QBs. Matt has no idea who Terry Glenn is but he does know who some bum walk ...
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episode 4

we discuss josh gordon. bill cosby and his sexual harassment endeavors. Oh yea and of course fantasy football
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Episode 3

we discuss E cigarettes, NBA preview. Lifesaver Candy and Huntington Bank. Oh yea and Fantasy football of course!
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Episode 2

we discuss magic the gathering, matts love for edward norton, the movie bird man. and watching sex scenes with our parents in movies when we were youn...
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