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We're two best friends who love horror movies, but don't live in the same city. Listen each week as we cultivate our long distance friendship through the guise of reviewing horror films.

Jeepers Creepers

In our 36th episode, Jay is joined by two High School friends to talk about 2001's campy-yet-creepy Jeepers Creepers.
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In Episode 35, Jay is joined by his fiancé Julie and.... the in-laws (almost)! Listen to us dissect the oddly fun and undeniably campy Freaky starring...
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The Hole in the Ground

In our second installment of Fear & There & Friends, Jay sits down with his old college roommate and OG horror movie friend to talk about the oft-over...
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In the first episode in a series we're calling "Fear & There & Friends", our dear friend Asha grabs the mic to sit in for Zach, while he's tending to ...
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A Quiet Place Part II

In this special episode, Zachary and Jay talk about a movie that they... wait for it... saw at a movie theater! Join us for a chat about A Quiet Place...
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His House

His House is a 2020 Netflix film that has substance, style, and more than its share of scares. Listen in as we dissect this modern horror gem.
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1BR isn't the best movie, but it certainly isn't the worst. Listen in as we try to make sense of this middling movie
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Drag Me to Hell

On episode 28, we revisit an old Sam Raimi favorite from 2009. Is it still good? We're... not sure.
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Saint Maud

A24's latest horror phenomenon is another debut—this time about a devout Catholic who works as a hospice nurse. Listen in as we weigh in on the virtue...
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