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Two friends in a closet talking about anything and everything. Laughing required. Oh yea, Oprah for pres!

Episode 35

We re-cap 2020 and the ups and downs the year brought. Oh yea, we vent on all the Instagram posts that drove us to be annoyed as hell. 
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Episode 34

We tak Beyonce, Black is King, Ellen Degeneres controversy, the guy from 365 Days and much more.  This pandemic has everyone on edge, so listen up if ...
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Episode 33

We talk about listening to your instincts, having a life line, Jada and Will and Kanye West and Kim. Oh Yea, and we do it all by drinking a bottle of ...
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Episode 32

We talk Lauren's one year post bariatric surgery, self-image, OCD, mind over matter and feeling like an imposter. Oh yea, and Jameela Jamil gets us he...
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Episode 31

We talk cancel culture, today's social media environment and sensitivity in the current climate. Oh yea, we did it drinking High Noon sun sips. 
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Episode 30

We talk the current political atmosphere, black lives matter, breaking generational cycles, doing our best in today's climate and how social education...
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Episode 29

Fed Up's first guest! We speak to Erica Ramirez, the Director of Community, Equity, and Inclusion for the Dana Hall School in Cambridge, MA. We talk s...
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Episode 28

We talk GaryVee, self-shame and feeling like a fraud. Oh yea, we still laugh, but also because Lauren burps and farts the entire episode. 
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Episode 27

We talk shame spirals, depression and panic attacks. Why do we shit on ourselves when we are going through a hard time? If you feel like your bad situ...
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Episode 26

We talk about how people have the idea of "finding your passion" all wrong, letting go of your timeline, what achieving success really looks like and ...
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