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The comic book podcast to end all other comic book podcasts.

Episode 8 – Symbiotic Blues

On episode 8 of Feed It Comics the Caretakers conduct an emergency ritual to feed the master after having missed a week due to mortal inconveniences. ...
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Episode 4 – To It, It’s X-Men!

On this fourth All Hallow’s Eve episode of Feed It Comics (Season 2) the Caretakers review the House and Powers of Jonathan Hickman’s X!!! Plus Vin Di...
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Episode 3.5 – October Newsquake

A special bonus episode 3.5! A newscast from the Chamber of Chills! DJ the Reverend BJT was unable to complete his research concerning Jonathan Hickma...
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Episode 3 – the Joker is Wild

Prepare an uncommonly sumptuous feast for the MASTER. The Caretakers review JOKER the movie. Did wannabe master-class director Todd Phillips knock thi...
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Episode 2 – Hook Spider and Son

On this sophomore episode of Feed it Comics: JJ Abrams and his son wrote a comic, zombies eat Batman, MCU news surprises no-one, Urine Mcgreggor, Alle...
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Episode 1 – The Return

Our dark uncomprehensable lord has awakened and now we must feed it comics. Join the Caretakers as they reunite for a soft reboot of Feed It Comics, a...
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