Films with the Women in My Life


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You see a movie. You want to talk about it. You tell everyone to see it. Friends, family, coworkers. And what happens? “Oh yeah I heard that was good, I’ll have to check that out,” or maybe “Oh I’m pretty busy this weekend but I’ll definitely see that soon.” And of course, they never do. We are here to help; to have the excited, jumbled, spoiler-filled conversation you’ve been craving. We are a movie review show that spans genres and covers everything from theatrical releases to newly streaming movies to classic cinema. Films with the Women in My Life is hosted by Brennan Snyder and, of course, the women in his life.


In this episode, Nicole & Brennan dive into A24's newest fantasy/thriller Lamb
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The Guilty

In this episode, Nicole, Mama K & Brennan deliver their verdict on the American remake of The Guilty, streaming on Netflix
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Cry Macho

In this episode, Mama K, Jess & Brennan fight back tears (easily) for Cry Macho
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In this episode, Mama K & Brennan have a philosophical debate over the Netflix film Worth
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In this episode, Mama K & Brennan review the new Netflix action movie Kate
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In this episode, Nicole, Jess & Brennan argue over the polarizing new James Wan horror movie Malignant
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In this episode, Jess & Brennan dare to say his name and review the newest Candyman
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