Firm Foundations

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A podcast from Cape Town South Africa. Hunter Combs (an American) and John Clifford (South African) talk about biblical theology, biblical evangelism, and biblical worldview issues.

Perseverance of the Saints

When God's saving grace touches our lives He both protects us and His Spirit works to persevere us in repentance and trust in Christ until the day of ...
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Replacing Lies with the Truth

Listen to today's sermon on replacing the lies of Satan with the Truth of God's Word. Listen as Hunter expounds what went wrong in the Garden of Eden ...
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Unfolding the Scriptures

Daniel de Villiers joins me in the studio to unpack how we rightly approach and interpret the Word of God by examining Psalm 8. Join us as we consider...
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You Must Be Born Again!

Tobie Fourie joins Hunter today, as they walk through John 3:1-21 and discuss the work of the Holy Spirit in Salvation. What can we learn from this fa...
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A Life of Thankfulness

A sermon Hunter preached at First Baptist Church of Tempe from Ephesians 1:15-16 on a life of Thankfulness. 
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Today Hunter and John talk about their preaching workshops. Then, they get into the Text of Mark 9 and discuss the importance of Christ's transfigurat...
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Son of God and Sign of Jonah

Muslims often misunderstand what is meant by the term "Son of God" when Christians apply it to Christ. Along with clearing up some misunderstandings a...
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Is the Bible Reliable?

Muslims often claim that the Bible has been corrupted. In this episode, we defend the reliability of the Bible as it has been handed down to us over t...
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