First Baptist Church of Haverhill


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Sermons from First Baptist Church of Haverhill, located in Haverhill, MA.


Sermon Title: Thanksgiving Key Scripture: Psalm 100 Big Idea: Give thanks to the Lord Sermon Outline: I. Give thanks all the Earth (1-2) II. Give than...
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Gratitude and Soft Hearts

Sermon Title: Gratitude and Soft Hearts Key Scripture: Psalm 95 Big idea: Praise God with thanksgiving and a soft heart. Sermon Outline: I. Praise God...
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Sharing the Treasure

Sermon Title: Sharing the Treasure Key Scripture: Matthew 13:44-50 Big Idea: The Kingdom is valuable, obtainable and exclusive. Sermon Outline: I. The...
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Thy Kingdom Come

Sermon Title: Thy Kingdom Come Key Scripture: Matthew 13:31-33 Big Idea: The Kingdom starts small and grows large. I. Know the Kingdom starts small (3...
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Hometown Discount

Sermon Title: Hometown Discount Key Scripture: Matthew 13:53-58 Big Idea: Who do you think Jesus is? Sermon Outline: I. Who do you think Jesus is? (13...
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Concealed and Revealed

Sermon Title: Concealed and Revealed Key Scripture: Matthew 13:10-17; 34-35; 51-52 Big Idea: The gospel is concealed to some and revealed to others. S...
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How Hearts Work

Sermon Title: How Hearts Work Key Scripture: Matthew 13:1-9; 18-23 Big Idea: How Hearts Receive the Gospel Sermon Outline: I. Both the large crowds an...
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Johns Pastoral Wisdom

Sermon Title: John’s Pastoral Wisdom Key Scripture: 1 John 5:13-21 Big Idea: Pastoral advice on prayer and idolatry. Sermon Outline: I. Be confident w...
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