Five minute Feng Shui by Candice


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Have you ever wanted to learn about about Feng Shui but didn’t know where to start? I will be dispelling some myths you find online. And giving you REAL shui facts. I’ll teach you real Feng Shui that gives you results! All in 10 minutes or less. Support this podcast:

The Feng Shui of a haunted house

Can you look at specific things in Feng Shui that can show you wether a houses is haunted? Of course! The on going theme for this month Wirth be all t...
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October Energies

What energies govern October? Welcome in the mo0nth of Wu Xu- Earth Dog. We'll look at animal signs most effected by the incoming energy, Feng Shui ar...
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Are bridges good or bad Feng Shui?

Did you know that a bridge in proximity to your home needs to be considered the assessing the Feng Shui of your space. In this episode I cover the pre...
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Ghost month and Hungry Ghosts

Welcome to August, known in Asian Cultures and the Ghost month. Learn about some superstitions and practices that are associated with this 7th Lunar m...
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