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The Fnordcast is the official podcast from Steve Jackson Games. It brings you company propaganda, news from the world of games, geek culture, randomly illuminated stuff, and - of course - fnords.

Fnordcast #10: Origins '07

The tenth Fnordcast is now available for download, either directly, via RSS, or via iTunes.This time around, we've got interviews from Origins, an Ask...
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Fnordcast #9: GTS '07

After a bout of technical difficulties, the ninth Fnordcast is now available for download, either directly, via RSS, or via iTunes.This episode covers...
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The Eighth!

The eighth Fnordcast has arrived! This one is jam-packed with gamer goodness.First off, we've got an interview with Ross Jepson, long-time gamer and o...
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New Fnordcast!

Yes, the first Fnordcast of 2007 has arrived!In this episode, SJ gives us the Stakeholder's Report for 2006, Randy and Nicolas give us a Shameless Plu...
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File Size

One of the first bits of feedback we recieved on Episode #1 was "the file size is too big!"Well, we lowered the bitrate, as suggested, for Episode #2 ...
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Fnordcast #6: The Holiday Special

In the grand tradition of radio and television shows throughout the ages, the Fnordcast presents its First Annual Holiday Shopping Special.Basically, ...
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Ready for Episode Five?

Yep, Episode Five of the Fnordcast is ready to download here. SJ talks about Lucca, the convention he attended in Italy, and we gloat about the games ...
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Episode Four!

The Fnordcast returns, with our fourth fabulous episode!This time around, we're serving up a heapin' helpin' of Dr. Kromm's Lab, with side dish of e23...
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Episode Three!

It's here, and ready to hear! Episode Three of the Fnordcast is online and available for listening.I talk to Dr. Kromm about Martial Arts, Thomas brin...
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Episode Two!

As promised, the RSS feed is up, and we've got previews of Munchkin Impossible and GURPS Bio-Tech, as well as another Shameless Plug.We also have a ne...
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