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Food and Sports Stuff is a podcast equidistance from your stomach and brain. It’s a great place to get all of your food discussions and most of your sports discussions. Chris and Joe cook up some delicious food content for your brain and give you some sports takes that are often out of left field. They also try not to lean too heavily on puns as that can get old quick. Really the podcast is Chris and Joe riffing on whatever topics fall into their sphere which means they can go from food to sports to pop culture to anywhere in between.

Action Movies and Met's Therapy

The podcast returns with help from 3 very special guests. We start off with 2 Mount Rushmores of action movies. Then we do a draft of items to make th...
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Episode 20 - Lebron VS Hot Sauce

It's been a while so we bring you an extra long pod. Joined by 2 special guests, this week starts with the stuff. We rank our most anticipated 2019 mo...
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Episode 19 - Wings and NBA Things

Joe is joined by resident FASS NBA "expert" Michael Williamson. They talk all things wings, their favorite and least favorite flavors and their intere...
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Episode 17 - Hipster Shit

Official travel guru of the podcast, Sean Sallee returns to discuss the divine chaos that is Popeye's chicken. The guys follow that up with a timely d...
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Episode 15 - The Draft Episode

This week has 4 special guests who help us draft different things. For food we draft the perfect breakfast sandwich. There is a meat run and a lot of ...
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