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From Fear To Trust

What many people don’t realize is, how we manage our money is one of the most spiritual things about us. It indicates more poignantly than almost any ...
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From Craving to Contentment

Of all the reclamation projects that Jesus leads Christians through, often transforming how we manage our financial resources is perhaps the most diff...
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A Reclaimed Identity

Today, I don’t want to talk about some “resolutions.” I don’t want to talk about some small changes. Instead, I want to look at what God has to say ab...
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The Gospel Reclaiming You

The Gospel, most of us know, is the good, great, amazing news that Christ was born, lived perfectly, became the perfect sacrifice to take the penalty ...
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Christmas Eve Service

Join us for our Christmas Eve service as we celebrate the birth of Jesus together! The post Christmas Eve Service appeared first on Foothills Church.
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Persistent Proclamation Required

Today we step into a section of Romans—Chapters 9-11—where the focus is on the Jewish people and how they process this gospel of justification by fait...
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Gospel Gifts (Part 2)

The Holy Spirit marks and seals us. The Holy Spirit testifies the truth that we are His children. Since we are His children, that means we are heirs o...
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Gospel Gifts (Part 1)

Today we are going to discover that the gospel gift is a gift that keeps on giving. The gospel gift is like those presents you receive wrapped in a gi...
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The Impacts of Justification

Today, Paul turns another major corner in his presentation of the Reclaimed gospel and begins to unpack additional results of the reclaimed gospel. Or...
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