Free Lunch with Alex Velluto


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With no friends, and no connections to celebrities, Comedian Alex Velluto finds random people on internet classifieds and interviews them in exchange for a Free Lunch. Sometimes awkward, but always funny, Alex tries to learn something from each guest and find out what is interesting about each and every one of us. Take your lunch break with us and listen to Free Lunch with Alex Velluto.

12. Cristovan is a human lab rat

Show Summary: In this episode, Alex has lunch with Christovan… Sort of… Alex showed up late and Christovan already ate his lunch! Christovan shares st...
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9. Cody might be a bad person

Cody, a complete stranger, is probably not a bad person. Probably. He did, however, get his friend deported after getting arrested for shooting fish. ...
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8. Stan is the nicest ex-convict

Stan, a complete stranger I met online, is an ex convict who is also super nice. He makes furniture for his family and annoys his fiancé.  We talk han...
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7. Douglas is a Daredevil

Douglas, a stranger I met on the classifieds, actually lives off the classified by bartering and trading. He's also a skier, snowboarder, skier, rock ...
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