Full Disclosure


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A podcast meant to give you the inside scoop. Two psychologists who went through grad school together and remained close friends over the years join forces to talk about real things in a real way. Not only do they share the insight they've gained from working in vibrantly diverse work settings, but they also give a sneak-peak into their own trials and tribulations. If you're curious to learn more, be sure to tune into Full Disclosure!

The Body Image Episode

Chances are you might be struggling with body image, as many of us are in this day and age. Tune in to learn a thing or two about the concepts that un...
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Let's talk about sex!

What's our surprise? We finally talk about sex on the same coast! Ever wonder about BDSM or a dungeon? Tune in about how you can explore your sexualit...
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How to Find the Right Therapist

Tune in for the first episode of the year (no it's not on how to set intentions or reach your goals lol)! However, it might help you achieve them if y...
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20 Questions with Julia

Full Disclosure is finally back with the second round of 20 questions and it's coming full circle! Be sure to leave a review and don't forget to send ...
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20 Questions-Maggie

In this episode, we are playing a game we are all familiar with. You get a chance to get to know the people behind the podcast a little more. If you l...
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Transitions Are Hard

Listen to two psychologists talk about their personal experiences with various life transitions, how they've dealt with them, and what they do to boun...
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That Inner Critic

Tune in and listen to two psychologists discuss their experience with an overly critical internal voice and how they've learned to deal with it both i...
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Listen to how 2 psychologists engage in self-care and their suggestions inside and outside the therapy room.
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