Funemployed Pod


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Giving you the low-down on the postgrad experience of two girls living on the outskirts of DC.

Sunday Funday

Caroline & Olga dive into talk show games. Here’s what you could be doing to make a six figure salary, weirdest tinder bios, and a round of 'Never Hav...
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FUNemployed Facts

The girls answer questions from favorite place to cry to what ice cream they're munching on out of the jar.
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Funcomfortable Interactions

The girls open up about embarrassing interactions and encounters in their apartment including being ‘wig snatched’ and snoozing through fire alarms.
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The Job Juice

Caroline Crowder does a solo episode discussing life updates, time saving techniques, skincare routine, as well as ‘what’s in my bag’ tag.
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College Confessions

Funemployed Pod presents the first guest minisode. A little wine brings out the true emotions behind cooler painting and attempting to get a wristband...
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To Kill a Cockroach

Funemployed Pod presents House Hunter's: Caroline and Olga Edition. The two post-grads discuss finding the right place to live after college, decorati...
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Dating UnHINGEd

Welcome to the funemployed pod, giving you the low-down on the full postgrad experience of two girls living on the outskirts of DC. Diving into dating...
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