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Podcast geeking out with creators and creative professionals.

Episode 17: Mad Max and eSports!

This week Tom and I do the podcast without Jenny and we take full advantage of the ability to talk about stuff that she would in no way care about! Li...
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Episode 16: The Art of Trailers

This week the gang sits down to talk about the latest trailers and talks about blockbuster movie marketing campaigns in a broader context. We also dis...
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Episode 13: Killer TV.

On this episode of the Geekeon podcast we are joined by guest host Jenny Mac. We discuss The new season of Community as well as the conclusion of HBO'...
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Episode 12: What makes a game?

In this week's episode, Tom and Eric chat about what makes a good video game, the nature of storytelling in Game of Thrones, and Pi day!Read the artic...
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Episode 11: Rise of the Robots!

The podcast returns! We come back with a new format where Tom and Eric move towards themed discussion on topics relating to current events.In this wee...
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Episode 9: Sanya Anwar!

This episode we talk to the remarkably talented Sanya Anwar! Sanya is an illustrator as well as the creator of her own book 1001, a comic book based o...
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