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Genesis Gems is a retro gaming podcast focused on the Sega Genesis console. Family friendly, fun, and goofy!

Episode 90 Part 2 (Ys III)

Join Nick and Aaron for Episode 90 Part 2 of the Genesis Gems Podcast! The Gems cover Ys III in this part! "Green Hills and Blue Blurs" performed by D...
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Episode 90 Part 1 (Ys III)

Join Nick and Aaron for Part 1 of Episode 90 of the Genesis Gems Podcast! The Ask Aaron segment is back and you'll get to hear what the 2 Gems have be...
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Episode 89 (Rampart)

Nick and Aaron are finally a duo for an episode as they cover the arcade to Genesis classic Rampart! "Green Hills and Blue Blurs" performed by Daniel ...
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Episode 88 (Sonic 3D Blast)

Nick and Aaron are joined by Sean (NZ17) where they enter the Isometric...errr...3D world of Sonic 3D Blast! Plenty of Chili Dogs and dad jokes to go ...
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Episode 87 (Alisia Dragoon)

Nick and Aaron are joined by JZNES ( to chat about Alisia Dragoon! "Don't forget to turn your dragon on!" ...
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Specialsode 3 (Rob Luther)

Nick is joined by the creator of Genesis Gems, Rob Luther, as they catch up on life, video games, and other random topics! We were happy to have Rob a...
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Episode 86 (Batman)

Capatin Logan from Geekvolution ( joins Nick and Aaron as the go into Gotham and cover...Batman! "Green Hills and...
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Episode 85 (Wily Wars)

Join Nick and Aaron as they finally come back to the world of Sega to cover Mega Man: The Wily Wars! "Green Hills and Blue Blurs" and "Battletoads & D...
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Specialsode 2 (Streets of Rage 4)

Previously released exclusively on the Bit Brothers network (  Join Nick, Aaron, Michael, and Justin as they cover the new St...
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Episode 84 (Chakan)

Join Nick, Aaron, and special guest from Geekvolution...Captain Logan! In this episode they cover Chakan for the Sega Genesis. Check Captain Logan's c...
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