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Ghoti and Manny talk about news and trends in the gaming industry as it happens. Hot takes on hot topics, with a cup of hot tea!

GENT 7 – The Exclusive Deal

The gents discuss EU laws on pre-order refunds, unions and the most recent Epic games Store exclusivity deal. Ghoti and Manny talk about news and tren...
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GENT 6 – The Arcade

The gents discuss the new Apple Arcade, as well as some recent game announcements. Apologies for the difference in audio levels – for some reason Ghot...
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GENT 5 – Into the Future

GENT’s (Gaming Entertainment News Tonight) fifth episode, where we observe events that have the potential to shape the future of gaming forever. Ghoti...
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GENT 4 – TGI Presents…

GENT's (Gaming Entertainment News Tonight) fourth episode, where we celebrate being part of TGI studio's network and talk games!
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GENT 2 – Trip Down Memory Lane

GENT's (Gaming Entertainment News Tonight) second episode, all about the latest Overwatch Hero, Lightsaber Duels, Battle Royale News and a trip down m...
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GENT 1 – The Layoffs

GENT's (Gaming Entertainment Weekly Tonight) first episode, all about the famous Activision Blizzard layoffs, Black Ops 4 loot boxes and recent games ...
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