Get Real with Dr. Deb Waterbury


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Join Dr. Deb as she "gets real" in teaching through popular books and lessons relevant to our lives today.

Shotgun! Series: No Detours

Most of us pride ourselves on not being gullible. Have you ever been deceived? Chapter 2 of Colossians addresses this precisely. The Colossian church ...
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Shotgun! Series

At some point in our lives we have all called “Shotgun!” when everyone is running for the car and no one wants to be stuck in the back seat. Whoever y...
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White Zephyr Series Part 8

What does our Forever look like? The bible says that when you die right now, you go into Heaven to be in the presence of Jesus Christ, our Lord. When ...
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White Zephyr Series: Part 7

Does Heaven ever seem boring? Eternity is many times assumed to be a never ending church service, which should make our hearts glad, but seems to leav...
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White Zephyr Series: Part 6

The world is groaning after what they don’t even know they need. We, as believers, should share the solution by proclaiming Jesus Christ as Savior. Ev...
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White Zephyr Series: Part 5

Jesus took us as His bride and then sent us into the world to glorify Him and proclaim His Good News, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For more resources v...
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