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The podcast that aims to get you Sidetracked from all the bullsh*t in your life! Sit back and relax as we cover topics relevant and just down right random.

Episode 134: Bitch Boy!

We all know a bitch boy, and some of us have been a bitch boy at some point in our lives. To find out if you have ever been a bitch boy listen to this...
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Episode 132: Home Grown Scar!

Our most memorable scars are the ones we get at home, falling off swing sets, running into walls and just generally falling over! Did you know that Ge...
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Episode 130: ASL?!

xGeTsIdEtRaCkEdx: Hey!CoolChickxox: Hey!xGeTsIdEtRaCkEdx: ASL?!CoolChickxox: Gross! Bye!CoolChickxox is now offlinexGeTsIdEtRaCkEdx: I think we got bl...
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Episode 129: That's A Wrap!

No the podcast isn't finishing up that is just the name of the episode. Interesting choice, we know, but hey it just means that you don't have to be s...
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Episode 128: A Fabricated Story!

Have you ever heard a story that was so good that it just can't be true?Well my friends that is definitely a fabricated story and be wary of these tal...
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Episode 126: Glow Down!

Glow Down(Verb)The opposite of the glow up. Used to describe someone who used to be attractive and has, with age, actually decreased in attractiveness...
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