Girl Almighty

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This podcast was made for people who don’t know what they’re doing in life but want to listen to something that they relate to and entertains them!

Children's Books with Annika

In this episode, I talk with Annika about children's books which includes how we feel about their art, what books we grew up with, and a game of Watch...
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Dry January

This episode is a little more serious and dives into my little story of me doing Dry January 2021. Please click HERE to read the blog post.  -- Don't ...
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My Soundtrack Obsession

On this episode, I talk about my favorite thing: movie soundtracks. Almost 30 minutes of me rating soundtracks that don't need to be rated. ---- Don't...
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Spooky Stories with Amy

This episode won't scare anyone, but I'm scared of everything, so I got a little spooked. Happy Halloween!  _ Episodes of Girl Almighty are out twice ...
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Racial Injustice with Danaih

In this episode, I talk with Danaih on what her life is like as a black woman. We dive deep into racism and ask each other questions where the answers...
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Girl Almighty Trailer

This is it! The official trailer of the relaunch of the Girl Almighty Podcast! In this trailer, you get to know me a bit and what's to come on this wo...
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Episode 9: The Giving Season

This episode I give some ways how I (and YOU) can give to other people this holiday season. Here's a link to my blog post about it: https://meganhubre...
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Episode 8: Top 5 of Fall 2018

I know, so many Top 5 segments! But this one lists what's so great about fall! Here's the link to my blog post about this episode: https://meganhubrex...
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