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This Podcast is something called a good hot mess. With everything from my life experiences to entertainment news topics. Stay tuned & enjoy! Support this podcast:

I Was Pregnant pt. 2

This episode is about my hospital experience can be triggering for some people so listen at ur own risk. But again I am only recording this so people ...
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I Was Pregnant Pt.1

In this episode I give you a little run down about my year and my pregnancy experience. I felt the need to make this episode because it can be educati...
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Just Talk About It... PMS

This eps is for the ladies & gents - we talk about how to make guys understand. And we ask these questions - How do guys handle it and why are they sc...
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Do You Boo!

Theis episode we talk about one of my favorite topics.... MMA/UFC ! Also how old is too old to dress sexy? --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: ...
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OMG Just Stop!

This ep. is about pet peeves! What’s yours? --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Suppor...
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Um Excuse Me!?

In this ep. I'm going to be talking about my baseball game experience & dating... What do you want out of a partner?  --- This episode is sponsored by...
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Its Just The Beginnin'

Its always a rough start but join me on my Journey. On this ep. Im a going to talk a little about why I started this podcast and also who my favorite ...
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