Girls Run the World

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Get motivated and inspired by stories of endurance, speed and adventure from inspiring every day female runners and triathletes from around the world. And learn from some of the top female experts. Our podcast covers three strands: Girls Run the World Inspiration - women achieving or overcoming extraordinary feats of endurance. Girls Run the World Real Women Talk - everyday runners and triathletes discuss their real world solutions to training, fitting it in and achieving their goals. Girls Run the World Experts - interviews with some of the top female sports physiologists, nutritionists and biomechanics from around the world. Presented by Rachael Woolston, owner of the digital coaching and media brand, Girls Run the World and journalist for Runner's World, Women's Running UK and more.

TrailBlazers: Elle Linton

Elle Linton started cycling as a way of commuting to work in London. So when a friend suggested they cycled to Richmond Park just to 'cycle round and ...
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Trail Blazers`: Claire Smith

Over twenty years ago Claire Smith (@brutalclaire) started running, pushing her baby in a buggy in a bid to lose weight. This August, she was back to ...
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Trail Blazers: Laura Kennington

If you feel dissatisfied with your life, have you done anything about it? No? Then you may want to listen to this podcast for inspiration.  A bit fed ...
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Trail Blazers: Beth Pascall

Beth Pascall, 32 is a true trail blazing ultra runner.  Even as a young girl, there was something about exploring the outer edges of comfort and chall...
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