God's Plan for the Ages - Dispensations (2014)

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This series an is update from Dr. Dean's Dispensations and Covenants (2000) series, now including video and graphics. The one doctrine that has opened up the scriptures to the largest number of people is the doctrine of dispensations. Many people have indicated that when they heard the doctrine of dispensations, God's plan for the ages, everything in the Bible began to make sense.

31 - The Millennium - Part 2 [b]

Do you always keep your promises? It's hard, isn't it? Listen to this lesson to learn that God is the only perfect promise keeper. What He says, He wi...
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30 - The Millennium - Part 1 [b]

"I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony." This Utopian dream of world peace is near and dear to most people's hearts as they long for ...
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29 - Armageddon [b]

Frog-like demons. Devastating earthquakes. Seas turned to blood. Are these fantasy scenes from horror movies? Listen to this lesson to learn that inst...
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27 - The Antichrist [b]

Who is the Antichrist? Step right up and make your guess or better yet, listen to this message to learn that he won't be revealed until after the Rapt...
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