Good For A Change


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Jarrod, Sean and Hollie combat the barrage of awful, everyday news with good stuff that'll make you feel happy inside.

Je Suis Josh

Good news about the French and Belgian border, a battle featuring people called Josh and adopting elderly dogs.
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Why Happy Hmm?

Good news about world record breaking hairdos, old dogs learning new tricks and airplane food.
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He Shipped Himself

Good news about a caterpillar war, baked goods in trees and a man who posted himself overseas.
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Lime Pranks

Good news about backyard roller coasters, 121 year old chocolate and a dog stealing a plush toy.
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Musical Statues

Good news, featuring guest star Heidi Blickenstaff, about rebuilding pubs, a house full of mannequins, a moving company feeding the hungry and the ret...
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Spitting Image

Good news about a strange dining experience, the latest offering from Netflix and long lost family members.
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A Modern Classic

Good news about Mozart's newest release, avoiding Zoom calls and solving the world's largest puzzle.
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