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Stronger: Part 15

How we started our wealth reveals a lot about our spiritual health. The book of James describes warnings that James gives to the rich. Listen as Pasto...
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Stronger: Part 14

The book of James is a book on wisdom. Pastor Johnny pulls from James 5 to show how to live out the gospel and how the gospel works in the hearts of C...
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Stronger: Part 13

This week we heard from James 5 that we need to be patient and wait for God to complete his work, not only in us, but in others also. Listen to Pastor...
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Stronger: Part 12

Pastor Johnny gives us the reasons why we need God to help us filter our mouths. Listen in to learn how can better accomplish this.
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Putting God First: Part 3

How can we have Christ centered relationships? Listen as Pastor Johnny describes what God gave to man before he gave a person.
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Stronger: Part 11

James warns us about God's opposition to the proud. He follows with an offering of grace that anyone can attain and we see Jesus as a perfect example ...
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Putting God First: Part 2

Pastor Johnny challenged us in a continuation from Father's Day on how to put Christ in the center of your home. Listen this week as we hear how to ha...
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Putting God First: Part 1

Pastor Johnny began a two-part Father's Day sermon series on putting God at the center of our work and our home. Listen in to hear how to put God at t...
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Stronger: Part 10

This week, Pastor Johnny reminded us that faith without works is useless. One of the bare levels of works that is evidence of our faith is our commitm...
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Stronger: Part 9

The Book of James connects our love for our neighbor with the unity of the Church. Join Pastor Johnny as he describes how we cannot love our neighbor ...
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