Green Hill Zone


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Act 1-1 A touch of class

Ushering in new age of Green Hill Zone Peter takes the show on solo style. With Art from Adam, a special surprise guest and a wide range of topics the...
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Act 5-3 Point-n-Click!

Apologies all around! With an unprecedented delay of over 24 hours due to a variety of unexpected events, this week's episode features BOTH hosts back...
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Act 5-2 We Cater to the Deaf

Is the end nigh for our stalwart heroes at The Green Hill Zone? The apocalypse inches closer this week when Peter is forced to perform the show solo. ...
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Act 5-1 We Deal In Truths

The beginning of the fifth month of sometimes-praised and increasingly arrogant-titled podcasts has arrived! Brining the onset of new technology, we a...
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Act 4-4 The Boob Whip

It took all of the internets power from posting our show on it's regular Tuesday schedule, but the Green Hill Zone cannot be kept down long! Due to si...
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Act 4-3 Paragons of Excellence

The backlash from last week's E3 show caught our hosts a little off-guard, but they come back swinging with this week's Green Hill Zone. Kicking it of...
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Act 4-2 Duly Noted

This week's podcast is a little more blunt, giving the basic rundown of the now-ended E3. Expect in-depth coverage of each console's er...exciting pre...
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Act 4-1 Pump Up The Jam

In what will almost definitely not become a trend, this week's digital bonanza features another guest star from the very ranks of you, the listeners. ...
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