Greene & Lewis

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Official podcast for artistic failures. Hosted by Chris Camperchioli (@ccamperchioli) and Will Laughlin (@willlaughlin).

118: Rubik's Cubing

We're back! Will's getting some R&R this week and we're discussing wine, music, suits, and sensibility. This leads to a broader conversation about hal...
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115: The Sag

Young at heart, old in nipple height: Aging sucks, dental work is weird, getting faux-high on air, and anticipating the JJ retrospective.
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114: Zardoz

This delirious episode contains: Diane Lane Cinematic Universe, "Brown Bunny," 70's Bod, Wedding Attire and Attendance, and "the Dress"
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112: The Onsen

Turmoil at Greene & Lewis HQ, movies and TV, food pouches, captive audience bits, and organization.
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111: Are We Canceling Titian?

More food talk, Rhode Island, fishing, Bob Odenkirk, Will's right-wing text messages, City MD problems, "Can We Ever Look at Titian's Paintings the Sa...
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