Grow Up Not Old With Michael And Paul


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Grow Up Not Old is a fun, lighthearted podcast series with longtime friends Michael Patrick and Paul Ledebur. We are two regular guys trying to live life with more purpose. We will be sharing stories of our own personal growth that has arisen from experiences in our past. We will be talking about fulfillment, careers, relationships, passions, leadership and anything else we care to dig into. We do not claim to have all the answers to life’s unending challenges but we hope these conversations can be of value to others as we share our struggles in trying to find our own way in the world. This show is dedicated to the life, compassion, and memory of Ron Silberstein. New episodes published every two weeks.

Find Your Tribe

On this episode, we discuss the concept of finding and belonging to tribes, be it a social clique, your nuclear family, or a community gathering. We a...
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Job Security In 2019

Does job security exist anywhere in the work world in 2019? We debate this and also discuss some manners to navigate our careers in this new corporate...
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Don't Go It Alone

On this episode, we discuss the many benefits of seeking help, partnering up on ventures, and how in-person and virtual mentors can help us make major...
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Volunteering for a charitable cause or some sort of community function can not only cause positive impacts out in the world but can also help provide ...
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Spirituality Versus Religion

It is quite common these days for people to proclaim "I'm not religious but I'm spiritual". We discuss what being spiritual means to us and how we go ...
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Feeling Unworthy

I'd imagine most human beings can relate to having felt unworthy at some point in their life. In this episode, we share our own bouts with unworthines...
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With the observance of Lent beginning again recently leading into Easter as well as Passover coming again soon, we felt this was a great time to discu...
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Everybody makes mistakes and they can come in all shapes and sizes and have different ramifications on us. In this episode, we detail some of our mist...
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Lifelong Learning

It took us both years to finally realize that learning extends far beyond the traditional classroom and there are countless benefits to staying proact...
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