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Intellectual adult conversations about love, sex, and relationships.

Why Men Hate Head?

Men. One question: Do you enjoy head? Why? Why not? This week we talk about why black men hate head and how it might affect their relationships. If yo...
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Black Men on Interracial Dating

This week we dive into our thoughts on and experiences with interracial dating and how it compares to dating someone of the same race. If you enjoyed ...
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How Men Deal with Depression

Mental Health. It's more than just a buzzword—it's important. If your mind isn't right, your life isn't right, and that's why it's so important to be ...
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Manhood 101 (Poeticmindz Lead)

"Be a man." What does that actually mean? And what about manhood–what does that mean? In this week's episode, we're talk about what it really means to...
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Masculine Energy: THE N* WORD

Let's talk about the N* word. Do you say it regularly? Do you hear it regularly? How does it make you feel? This week the hosts of Euphoria Podcast di...
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