Half Sober


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Just two guys making a weekly podcast where we talk about random topics and different stories

Half Sober - EP4

In this episode of Half Sober, Zach and Samuel talk about College, Spider-Man controversy, news about the podcast, and a few random observations.
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Half Sober - EP3

Zach talks about his experience being robbed. Plenty of conversation about nostalgic adventures, painful mishaps, and party experiences. All focused a...
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Half Sober - EP2

In this week's podcast, we talk about kids riding conveyor belts, giant flying drones, Benadryl highs, different fruits, and more.
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Half Sober - EP1

Pretty much just a laid back podcast with friends. This week we talk about a lot of food(a lot about sushi), Area 51, and a few other interesting conv...
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