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Gayle Hammill MBACP Psychotherapist discusses a range of mental health topics from anxiety, to depression, child development and parenting. Gayle is a regular psychotherapy expert on BBC Three Counties Radio.


Gayle considers how we can begin to deal with anxious feelings at such an anxious time.DISCLAIMER: The content in the podcast and on this webpage is n...
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The Question of Therapy

Gayle looks at the question of therapy and the reasons we need support as the year draws to a close. From individual work to couples and loss and bere...
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Episode 6 - Grief

Gayle Hammill MBACP Psychotherapist explores grief and one woman's story of loss. We will all experience grief at some stage in our lives and Gayle ex...
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Episode 4 - Am I an Addict?

If you are affected by any of the content in this episode, in the first instance please see your GP for access to support.You can also contact the Sam...
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Episode 2 - Anxiety

Gayle shares an experience of supporting anxiety in therapy and how our early life plays a huge part in our present day. See acast.com/privacy for pri...
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Playing The Mother Role

In this episode of Do I Need Therapy? Gayle demonstrates through dialogue brought to the therapy room, how our early life relationships and in particu...
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Lockdown Letdowns

Gayle considers the “see saw” of emotions that the Lockdown has brought. We are all natural planners, this may be why we struggle so much with uncerta...
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