Healing Tones

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Healing Tones is a poetry prose reading of the healing rhythmic thoughts poems prose and short stories of Corey_The_MT for A Touch of Liberation, a mobile massage business delivering relaxation to your door step.

7 Shots

Corey_The_MT orates the poem piece 7 Shots as apart of the new series, Poetry While Sheltered in Place.
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You the Man?

Corey_The_MT recites the poem piece, “You the Man” and describes its meaning.
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You’ve Been Read!

Corey_The_MT recites the poem piece You’ve Been Read, and explains the process to writing the piece.
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Warm Embraces

Corey_The_MT recites the poem piece Warm Embraces and breaks down the meaning and creation of the work.
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We Dance Alone

Corey_The_MT recites the poem We Dance Alone and pontificates the occurrences which led to the creation of We Dance Alone.
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