Health and Success - Saving Sex for Later


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How can I help my child handle peer pressure? How can I prepare my child to make the right decisions about dating, sex, alcohol and drugs? As girls and boys become teens, they may act like they don't listen to their parents. But they still need your support to deal with the pressures of growing up. Listen to these stories to learn how you can best guide your children to make healthy and safe decisions. Hosted by actor Tony Plana

I hate my body!

Tanika feels self-conscious and embarassed that she can no longer fit in her clothes because of the size of her breasts. How can her mother Simone hel...
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How do you know if you're in love

Maya has a new crush! How should her mother Christine try to explain the difference between liking someone and being in love, and the responsible way ...
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I can't ready your mind

Being teased by his friends about his shorter height makes Carlito depressed. Carlito's father Roberto tries to boost his son's confidence.
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The school wants me to do what

Christine is worried about the poor grades her son Eric received on his latest report card. Listen to the advice her friend Roberto shares about how t...
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You're wearing that

Mercedes and Cassandra are trying on outfits for a boy-girl party. Mercedes' father Roberto does not approve of her outfit, and tries to explain how i...
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My Internet friend

Mercedes met a new boy online, and her father Roberto is concerned. How can Roberto discuss internet safety without scaring his daughter?
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Time for some deoderant

Eric and his friends come home from a baseball game with some major body odor. How can Eric's mom Christine talk to her son and his friends about pube...
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You throw like a girl

Eric comes home upset because his baseball coach said he "throws like a girl." How can his mother Christine respond in a way that reassures her son, b...
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Everybody uses that word

A popular rap video contains a lot of inapporpriate language - and brothers Carlito and Tomas are singing along. How will their father Roberto react w...
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