Health Hitters Project

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The Health Hitters Project has been made to give you an insight into what we do at The Health Hitters. We not only provide you with the tools to improve your body shape and health but we also educate through that process.

Q&A Episode 7 | Is Stress Bad?

In this episode I cover a question I commonly get asked. Is stress bad? This is a really good question but it is not as simple as yes or no. To get mo...
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Nutrition Module 2 | Calories

In this module I go through calories and calorie deficit and caloric surplus. I also go through how you can achieve both and give you some tips about ...
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Lifestyle Module 2 | NEAT

In this episode I talk about one of the main reasons do not achieve the results they want in improving their health and body shape. Some of you might ...
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Module 2 Mindset | Self-Love

In this episode I go through the importance of self-love with where you are right now but also how self-love will sometimes be harsh and will be the k...
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