Help I Sexted My Boss


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William Hanson and Jordan North are unlikely best friends. William's a posh etiquette expert, and Jordan's an expert in all things common. In this hit comedy podcast, their worlds collide as they help you navigate the challenges of modern life, answering your 21st century questions and finding solutions to those everyday dilemmas. Join Sexted Extra and laugh along to William Hanson and Jordan North helping you navigate the challenges of modern life ad free at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Weekend Release: Polla De Burro

Now that William, Jordan and Ben are back from their respective holidays, they can get on with reading your correspondence! Stephen has been in touch ...
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Help I Saw My Boss’s Sex Tape

There’s a strange vibe in the studio today. Mysterious visitors, morbid topics of conversation, and the return of an awfully distracting noise! This d...
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Help I Need To Delete My Vinted

On the back of yet another luxury bank holiday weekend, William reacts to the 'Corry B', Jordan compares his acting skills to those on the West End an...
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William’s Surprise, Darling

Jordan and Ben have been keeping a secret from William and today the cat's out of the bag! It's a very special guest, the one and only Alex Polizzi, t...
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Help My Pug's Got My Plug

It's one of those episodes where you're just going to have to wait right until the end to hear an all time classic listener dilemma. Before that there...
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Help I Got Frisky With The Grocer

Lots of things are getting dropped in this week's episode. A poor G&Diva dropped a weight on their foot, William casually dropped the news that he’s g...
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Weekend Release: Erika's Foot

You've probably heard of the phrase LMAO (Laugh My Arse Off), but have you heard of LSHIBMF (Laugh So Hard I Broke My Foot)? Fortunately for the vast ...
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