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Real World Advice For Life's Most Important Questions

007: Buying a House

Is buying a house really the best investment? Will real estate always appreciate? What if I'm only going to stay in the house for a couple of years? W...
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006: Should I Quit My Job?

If your job is simply horrible or you don't get paid enough, you should definitely quit today. But, what if you've simply been at the same job for a w...
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005: Moving In Together

Whether it's because you're not ready for a commitment, you want to test-drive being married, or because it makes financial sense, there are a handful...
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004: Relationship Rules

While divorce rates remains high, marriage rates continues to decline... Because relationships are hard. But with these three simple rules, your relat...
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003: Man of the House

Men come in all shapes and sizes, but their is a common set of values that must be present for a man to be the "Man of the House"... He must work, he ...
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002: Definition of Success?

In the United States, there is this predefined definition of how you reach success and what success looks like. But I question whether or not it legit...
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001: Why Share?

Life is difficult and uncertain. People are complicated. And there is an overwhelming amount of misinformation and #fakenews bombarding us everyday. I...
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