History & Culture


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A broad range of historical and cultural perspectives amongst a diversity of cultures is discussed in this collection.

Hunter's Shack

A short video detailing the lives of hunters at Fort Union. The video also shows a recreation of their living conditions.
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Music in the Fur Trade

A brief history of the influence and popularity of music during the time of the fur trade at Fort Union, with intermittent musical performances.
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The Deseret Telegraph

A history of the Deseret Telegraph. The video discusses the influence of Brigham Young at the time, and how he utilized the telegraph. The history of ...
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Ecology and History

Timucuan Preserve: The rich history of the Timucuan Preserve is discussed. Native Americans, Spanish, French, and African Americans all have contribut...
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Su Parque Nacional

Yosemite National Park: Bienvenidos a Yosemite! A special welcome video for the Hispanic community living within a day's drive of Yosemite.
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