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Follow two girls in their 20's as they revisit shows from their childhood! From Disney Channel and Nickelodeon classics to other notable movies and shows of the 2000s, they talk about their most iconic moments, plot holes, what did and didn't age well, as well as where the cast is now.

Ep. 38 - The Polar Express

Ok everyone, hear the hoes out. Yes, this episode is extremely long - BUT it is also somewhat funny! After hyping this episode up for months, the hoes...
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Ep. 36 - The Santa Clause

The hoes are back for the holidays and first up on their watch list was the Santa Clause. Listen as they revert back to believing in Santa, question t...
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Ep. 35 - One Tree Hill Season 2

The hoes are back and discussing One Tree Hill Season 2! Listen as Morgan obsesses over The Wreckers cameo, Sierra not being able to get over Lucas we...
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Halloweentown II Kalabar's Revenge

To finish out the Halloween season, the hoes watched Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge! Yes, this movie had lots of plot holes, but it did unlock a ...
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Ep. 33 - Phantom of the Megaplex

The hoes are back with another classic Disney Channel Halloween movie! While this movie may have scared them when they were kids, the hoes are wiser n...
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Ep. 31 - Twitches Too

It's October, so you best believe the hoes are watching all things related to Halloween! Listen as they discuss the sequel to Twitches, which somehow ...
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Ep. 30 - Pirates of the Caribbean

If this episode sounds like a complete disaster, that's because it is. The hoes invited their friend Quinn to co-host with them which sounded like a g...
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Ep. 29- Get to Know the HOES

The hoes simply did not have the energy to make a regular episode this week. Instead, they decided to talk about how they thought their lives would be...
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