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Honestly, Dear Listener is a place where artists, business owners, writers, and musicians talk about the creating and the struggles that accompany the process. Host Carrington Schaeffer seeks to inspire creativity through vulnerability and running at fear instead of away from it.

13: Sitting with It 08.05.16

Abigail Holmes // Professional Makeup Artist Click here to download.What happens when you're so hurt that all you want to do is numb? How do you emer...
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12: Ruts & Respect

Click here to download.What happens when we get stuck in a rut? We hate our job, we're not doing what we want to do, and we're not happy. Should we s...
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11: The Best We Can 05.31.16

Photo by Seth Schaeffer Click here to download.You're an artist--that is until you have kids and you no longer have time for art. Right? Is there a w...
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10: Backfire 08.08.14

Photo by Allison Blevins Click here to download.Vulnerability and shame expert/researcher Dr. Brene Brown defines vulnerability as "uncertainty, risk...
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9: Vulnerable 07.25.14

Click here to download.I can't be the only one who is afraid of opening up...right?This week, I took to the streets to ask you your thoughts on vulne...
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8: Messy 07.11.14

Click here to download.This week, I switched things up.I didn't interview anyone. I didn't follow my usual podcast format. I set out to be vulnerable...
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6: Brick by Brick 06.13.14

Photo by Jeff Stoddart Photography Click here to download.This week, I interviewed my friend and all-around-artist/maker Cullen Purser. By day, he's ...
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5: Perspectives 05.30.14

Photo by Benjamin Lesage Click here to download.We've all thought it."I would be happier if I had ______________."But by focusing on what we don't ha...
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