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A basketball podcast with an NBA focus that examines, entertains, enlightens, and educates the people about our great American game . Join your hosts, Coach B, and E, weekly, as they discuss hot hoop topics, team and player performances. Also, get your weekly dose of leadership in Coach B’s Corner, while E keeps you connected to basketball adjacencies with his weekly Rap.

15 - Basketball for All

In this episode, Coach B is away being “The Don” - taking care of family business - and with his permission, E is going to contract out today’s episod...
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14 - All-Star Weekend

In this episode, the HUYH boys are all over All-Star Weekend, from the Celeb game to the Slam Dunk contest, and everything in between, the boys are br...
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11 - Season Recap and Reset

Coach B and E come back to life in their first 2020 Episode and catch up on all of the NBA movement since Santa brought Cilk and Mookies for Xmas…I me...
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10 - Let's Hear it for the Ladies!

This week the HUYH boys show up and show out for the Ladies! The Women’s game; one with a rich history going back to the end of the 1800s. Listen to E...
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08 - Changes?

This week the HUYH boys come back from Thanksgiving break and it takes a little while for the L-Tryptophan to wear off, but they get it together to dr...
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