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Join the Hopped-Up Gaming crew on our weekly podcast that encapsulates the things that run our life: liquor, video games, film, and popular culture.

Episode 7: The Great Waifu Wars

Where were you when the great waifu war began? This week, after our requisite food truck discussion, we have Professor Benoit quell his internal screa...
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Episode 6: Street Fighter 101

It's the week after the most exciting release of 2016. That's right Cookie Clicker 2 has dropped! And we're here for all your idling needs. Also Stree...
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Episode 5: Smash Mouth Poetry

This week we speak with our esteemed guest Mr Jack Shirai about the current state of the MMO genre, in between complaints about beer and the errors in...
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Episode 1: Helium Doesn't Explode

With the soft launch of this, your new favourite podcast about topics that *no one else* has ever before done a podcast on, we jump right into the thi...
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Episode 163: Calm, Reasoned Debate

Who would've thought putting six people in a room full of beer and asking them to all decide on the 'Best' video game of the year would lead to conten...
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