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A podcast about how climate change is transforming New Mexico. And what the hell we should do about it.

Fire in the West 2020

Cally and Collin talk to folks impacted by the fires in CA, OR, and WA. We chat with a climate scientist to understand the influence of warmer tempera...
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Good Fire

We recorded this podcast before the devastating fires exploded on the west coast. When we say living with fire, we do not mean living with the kind of...
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Let's Talk WUI

The WUI or wildland urban interface is a complex ecological and social geography that has made the news in recent years with massive fires in Californ...
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Watersheds and Water Funds

Cally and Collin talk about watershed restoration and how to pay for it with two experts from New Mexico.  episode art credit: Lenya Quinn-Davidson  n...
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Extreme Fire

Discussion on extreme fire. how can we prepare for it? How might it change in the future? How does experience play into the definition of and preparat...
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After the “Big One” part 2

Following a catastrophic  fire like the 2011 Las Conchas Fire, watersheds are at risk of massive amounts of flooding and erosion. Episode art: Frijole...
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Wildfire and COVID19 Response

Hot & Dry Season 2 is produced with support from the Southwest Fire Science ConsortiumEpisode art photo credit: Rio Grande Returning Heros Program, Lu...
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