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Episode 496

The X's On Eyes Edition. Kyrie Irving just can't help himself. Jon Gruden has a lot on his mind. Waffle House employees are always packing. Murder by ...
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Episode 495

The Lennox Virus Edition. It's a crazy upside down college football season. The Chiefs stink. Sage Steele thinks she's better than you. Never let your...
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Episode 494

The Ninja Attack Edition. College football is great, Fantasy Football not so much. Some NBA players like catching the Coronavirus. There's nothing the...
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Episode 493

The Teapot Edition. The first week of fantasy football is in the books. The NFL season kick off. Never try to rob during a blackout. Running over the ...
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Episode 492

The Dirty Dap Edition.  The first week of college football was exciting. Super Bowl predictions already. You should never poop in the post office park...
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Episode 491

The Earl Bernard Edition. Arrive at a fantasy football draft, and a wrestling match breaks out. Rachel Nichols in the unemployment line. Never destroy...
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Episode 490

The Willie Nelson's Breath Edition. Don't hate on Naomi Osaka. You can hate all you want on Sha'Carri Richardson. Nothing better than 1980's and 1990'...
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Episode 489

The I Eat Keys Edition. Football is finally back, sort of. The Malice In the Palace documentary. Never use your gun's laser sight as a cat toy. The to...
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Episode 488

The Wheelbarrow Edition. Team USA pulled it out on the last day of the Olympics. Will the real Kawhi Leonard please stand up. Better have my doughnuts...
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Episode 487

The Miss Ethel Edition. An NBA draft update. Getting ready for track and field events at the Olympics. Who's watching Married At First Sight. Worst wa...
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