Hot Takes, High Stakes


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In each episode, four opinionated people introduce a hot take and discuss.

Episode 79: Vurder

In this episode, Cam, Tanner, and Corey discuss clothing pluralities, more ways for the government to make money, and the social norms of towels.  Mou...
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Episode 75: For the Parents

In this episode, Cam, Ronak, and Rez discuss the right time to drink coffee, the right way to toast bread, and the proper wetness for food.  CAUSES:  ...
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Episode 74: Two Peas in a Pod

In this episode, Cam and David discuss another weird outdoor hobby, overrated geological formations, and updating national pride. CAUSES: Protect Maun...
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Episode 73: Upside-Down Pancakes

In this episode, Cam, Woolsey, and Corey discuss a particularly bad outdoor hobby, how to eat pancakes, and whether or not lemons are fruits. CAUSES: ...
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Episode 72: Bank Shot

In this episode, Cam, Corey, and Woolsey discuss the GOAT time of day, new rules for basketball, and how to make foods taste better. CAUSES: Israel Br...
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Episode 71: Trance

In this episode, Cam, David, Ronak, Sam, and Rez take to the pod from the road to discuss the most important time of day, how to see better while you'...
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Episode 70: The Nightcap Episode

In this episode, Cam, Woolsey, and Sam discuss bathroom layouts, putting people on pedestals, and whether or not you should be allowed to wink. CAUSES...
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